The Worst Rate of Maternal Deaths

The U.S is well known for having a historically low rate of infant mortality. Even though America is not amongst the countries with The Worst Rate of Maternal Deaths, the numbers for maternal mortality are, in fact, really high and seem to be rising if you compare it to previous years. 

Even though there is not one only reason of why this is happening in the United States, feminists from all around the world are talking about issues such as violence when it comes to giving birth. This means that a woman doesn’t get to chose how she wants her baby to be delivered. Doctors get to decide how the baby will be born. The feminist argument is that a women’s body is her own and she gets to decide whatever it is she wants to do with it. For instance, some women don’t want to deliver their babies at hospitals due to the rising unsafeness there is at hospitals. 

In fact, some say that hospitals of the U.S. follow protocols for dealing with complications during pregnancy which can be actually more harming for some women. Thus, a treatable condition becomes mortal. It is important to note that some hospitals of the country may not be prepared for maternal emergencies.