Air China Premium Economy

If you have air traveled lately, it is probable that you may have noticed that today’s business class is nothing like it was before. In fact, some may say that it offers what economy class used to offer years ago. In fact, the common amenities as a window seat, pillow, snack, earphones and a bit more of legroom is given to the traveler with a fee. However, these fees are still way less expensive than the business class seats. Thus, a lot of people are turning to these fees instead of going to business class.

This may be the reason why air China premium economyclass is becoming so popular. It offers more room and other amenities for less expense than upgrading to business class. However, it is important that you pay close attention to what they offer because, under the name of Premium Economy, each airline offers something different. Be sure to check out if what they offer corresponds to the price you will be paying. 

Premium Economy should offer as much as seven inches of extra room for your legs and additional amenities such as a seat one or two inches wider, larger tv screens, lumbar support, food or adjustable headrests, pillow, headphones, power ports and the like.